Far-Right Activist Opens Fire in Central Paris, Killing 3 and Injuring 3 Others

Gunman opened fire in central paris on monday, killing three people and wounding three others. the attacker targeted a kurdish community centre and restaurant, and prosecutors said they would look into a possible racist motive. a suspect, aged 69, was quickly arrested and it soon emerged he had been freed from prison recently.

Attack took place in strasbourg-saint denis in the 10th district of paris. witnesses heard gunshots and saw people running left and right, and two of those wounded in the shooting are said to be in a critical condition. police detained the suspect without resistance and reportedly recovered the weapon used in the attack.

Suspect had previously been charged with racist violence in an incident involving a sword at a migrant camp in paris. three places were targeted: the kurdish community centre, a restaurant and a hairdresser. two people were shot in the salon. the attack took place almost 10 years after the murder of three kurdish women in paris in january 2013. interior minister gérald darmanin said he was heading to paris to visit the scene of the “dramatic shooting”. paris mayor anne hidalgo said kurds wherever they reside must be able to live in peace and security.


By Evey Lovelace

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