Uffizi Galleries Director Outlines Rules for Email Etiquette: “No Bold Characters, Avoid Excessive Punctuation!”

Schmidt, the director of italy’s uffizi galleries, recently sent out a message to staff outlining his rules for email etiquette. this included avoiding the use of bold characters, underlining words and salient phrases, and refraining from using whole sentences in capitals. he also asked staff to avoid using excessive punctuation, such as more than one exclamation mark or question mark at the end of a sentence. most staff seemed to appreciate the circular, although there were some that did not find it funny.

Message was sent out recently, and was the talk of the day for many employees in the corridors, at the water cooler, or in the café. uffizi galleries spokesperson tommaso galligani told the bbc by email that eike schmidt has been running the uffizi for seven years and reminded staff that they were representing a ministry of culture institution in the city of dante. uk politician thérèse coffey even objected to the so-called “oxford comma” mentioned in the circular.

Message was sent out in order to remind staff that they were representing a ministry of culture institution in the city of dante, and that they should maintain a certain level of professionalism when sending emails. eike schmidt was hoping to avoid the tendency of considering email exchanges as something totally informal, like a chat on whatsapp. he also wanted to discourage the use of excessive punctuation and whole sentences in capitals.


By Evey Lovelace

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