Taliban Arrests Five Women Protesting Ban on Women Attending Universities in Afghanistan

Taliban recently arrested five women taking part in a protest in kabul, afghanistan against the ban on attending women universities. three journalists were also arrested, with similar protests taking place in the takhar province. the ban was implemented with immediate effect on tuesday, with guards stopping hundreds of women from entering universities the next day. in response, male university professors and students have resigned their positions and refused to sit exams in solidarity with the protesters.

Incident took place this week, with the ban being announced on tuesday and the arrests occurring the following day. the protests occurred in kabul and the takhar province, with footage of the rally in kabul shared on social media.

Ban was implemented by the higher education minister with immediate effect, with guards stopping women from entering universities the next day. women-led protests have become increasingly rare in afghanistan since the taliban’s return to power last year, with participants risking arrest, violence and social stigma for taking part. prior to the announcement, universities had already been operating under discriminatory rules for women. however, women were still getting education, with the rate of female attendance in higher education increasing 20 times between 2001 and 2018.


By Evey Lovelace

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