“Neal Schon Serves Jonathan Cain with Cease and Desist Order Over ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ Performance for Trump”

Schon and jonathan cain, two members of the band journey, were involved in a dispute over the performance of the band’s hit song don’t stop believin’ for donald trump. the dispute occurred after jonathan cain performed the song at the america first policy institute’s experience and gala at mar-a-lago. neal schon issued a cease and desist order against jonathan cain, citing that he had no right to use journey for politics.

Incident took place in november 2020 at mar-a-lago, the former president’s florida resort. jonathan cain’s wife, paula white-cain, chairs the afpi’s center for american values, which has been described as an “administration in waiting”. neal schon took issue with jonathan cain using journey’s brand to promote his personal political or religious agenda.

Dispute began when neal schon saw jonathan cain’s performance of don’t stop believin’ at the event. neal schon tweeted that “you just don’t go there as you will lose fans”. he then issued the cease and desist order, claiming that jonathan cain should not capitalize on journey’s brand to promote his political or religious agenda. jonathan cain retaliated by accusing neal schon of sending “bullying, toxic” emails and of “recklessly” spending journey’s money. the two are already in a legal battle over spending on the band credit card.


By Evey Lovelace

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