Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Trump-Era Policy, El Paso Facing Humanitarian Crisis

Monday, the supreme court temporarily blocked the termination of the trump-era policy, pending a ruling on an emergency appeal from some republican-led states. the biden administration has asked the court to delay the ending until at least december 27 in order to prepare for an influx of migrants. as a result, thousands of migrants have been blocked from crossing the us-mexico frontier and many have been left unsheltered in the cold night.
the events have unfolded in el paso, texas, where mayor oscar leeser declared a seven-day state of emergency in order to manage the influx of migrants and provide them with the necessary resources. mark casavantes, a lifelong resident of el paso, expressed sympathy for the migrants, while sue dickson, a volunteer at annunciation house, said more people would understand their plight if they saw their day-to-day realities. dylan torres reyes, 21, is just one of the many migrants who have faced a difficult journey to el paso.
the events have been caused by the potential lifting of title 42, which has prompted federal officials to make preparations. meanwhile, many humanitarian workers in el paso are split on whether the lifting of title 42 will lead to a sudden spike in immigration. reyes, who has endured two-and-a-half months of treacherous jungles, corrupt police officers, and racist treatment, is now forced to spend nights sleeping on the ground near the bus terminal with the hope of getting to chicago, where he has relatives. city officials have done their best to provide housing and transportation for the migrants, but the numbers have been too great for the existing resources. el paso has been grappling with a mounting humanitarian crisis as the fate of the trump-era policy hangs in the balance.

By Evey Lovelace

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