Gambia Thwarts Coup Attempt: President Barrow’s Second Term Secured

Gambia’s government says it has thwarted an attempt to stage a coup. four soldiers have been arrested and three alleged accomplices are on the run. it is unclear who was behind the attempt to overthrow president adama barrow, who won a second term in elections last year. president barrow had previously defeated long-serving president yahya jammeh in a shock election victory in december 2016, forcing him into exile in equatorial guinea.

Coup attempt occurred in the gambia, one of africa’s smallest countries and a largely peaceful one. the capital, banjul, is peaceful, with life going on as normal. no gun shots have been heard, and there is no sign that loyalist forces have been deployed to secure strategic sites. military reservists have been put on stand-by and the situation is under total control. the army initially denied the coup attempt, saying it had only carried out a “military drill”.

Is unclear how the coup attempt was carried out, but president jammeh remains an influential figure in the gambia. the country is popular with holidaymakers because of its beaches and wildlife, and it is possible that the coup attempt was motivated by a desire to return president jammeh to power. however, it is too early to speculate on the motives of those behind the coup attempt.

By Evey Lovelace

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