Benjamin Netanyahu Confirmed for Historic Sixth Term as Prime Minister, Forming Most Right-Wing Government in Israel’s History

1: benjamin netanyahu has been confirmed to return to power for an historic sixth term as prime minister, following elections in november. this new government is seen as the most right-wing in israel’s history and includes far-right parties such as one whose leader was previously convicted of anti-arab racism. palestinians are concerned that this new government’s policy will further strengthen israel’s control over the occupied west bank.

2: the elections in november took place in israel, where the leader of the religious zionism party, which won the third largest number of seats in the knesset (parliament), has been given wide powers over activities in the west bank and advocates for israel to annex the area. israel occupied the west bank, east jerusalem, and the gaza strip in the 1967 war, with more than 600,000 jewish settlers living in the area.

3: the settlements are considered illegal under international law, though israel disputes this. israeli opposition politicians have warned that the proposed reforms by the incoming government, which include allowing mps to override supreme court decisions, could weaken israeli democracy. prime minister netanyahu has pushed back against these views, accusing critics of fearmongering and vowing to preserve the status quo. he reassures, “i’ll have two hands firmly on the steering wheel. i won’t let anybody do anything to lgbt or to deny our arab citizens their rights or anything like that, it just won’t happen. and the test of time will prove that.” discussions have been held to pass legal reforms which could potentially end prime minister netanyahu’s trial. netanyahu denies any wrongdoing.

By Evey Lovelace

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