EU Warns Elon Musk: “Red Lines” and Sanctions Ahead After Journalists Suspended on Twitter

European union and twitter owner elon musk were recently involved in a dispute over the suspension of several journalists’ accounts. eu commissioner vera jourova warned that the eu’s digital services act requires respect of media freedom and threatened musk with “sanctions” if he failed to comply. donie o’sullivan, a journalist with cnn, was among those whose accounts were suspended, prompting him to express concern about the potential chilling impact it could have on journalists.

Incident occurred recently when jourova took to twitter to issue her warning to musk. it happened in the eu, where the digital services act requires respect of media freedom.

Accounts were suspended due to the live sharing of location data, following musk’s vow to sue the owner of a profile that tracks his private jet. o’sullivan and other journalists were concerned about the implications of the ban for journalists, particularly those who cover musk’s other companies. musk noted that doxxing, which includes the release of private information, was the source of the dispute.

By Evey Lovelace

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