“Berlin’s Radisson Blu Aquarium Bursts, Floods Hotel and Nearby Streets”

Friday, the lobby of the radisson blu in berlin experienced a catastrophic event when the giant aquarium containing a million litres of water burst, flooding the hotel and nearby streets. two people were injured by glass shards, and guests were moved out of the hotel. berlin’s fire brigade said over 100 firefighters were on the scene.
the incident occurred early on friday morning, with videos posted to social media showing extensive damage to the aquarium. the aquarium, known as the aquadom, was opened in december 2003 and was given the guinness world record for being the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium. it contained more than 100 different species of fish, and was 14m high (45 ft) with a clear-walled lift built inside.
the cause of the break is still unknown, but berlin’s public transport authority said karl-liebknecht street outside the hotel had been closed off due to “an extreme amount of water on the road”. police said “massive amounts” of water was flowing into nearby streets and people in the area should drive cautiously. according to reports at the time of its construction, it cost about €12.8m (â£11.2m) to build, and it is unclear why the aquarium burst.


By Evey Lovelace

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