Peru’s First Female President Sworn In After Impeachment of Pedro Castillo

Recently made history when dina boluarte became the country’s first female president after pedro castillo was impeached. mr. castillo had attempted to dissolve parliament, but lawmakers opposed the move and held an emergency meeting to impeach him. ms. boluarte will govern until july 2026, when mr. castillo’s presidency would have ended.

Impeachment process began in june 2021, when mr. castillo was elected in a polarising election, defeating his right-wing rival, keiko fujimori. after his election, mr. castillo faced allegations of corruption and the political situation in peru had been tumultuous in recent years, with multiple presidents ousted from office. in 2020, three presidents held office within a five-day period. the impeachment occurred in the peruvian parliament, with 101 voting in favour, 6 against, and 10 abstentions.

Castillo was impeached for allegedly breaking the constitutional order and attempting to dissolve parliament. he announced the establishment of an exceptional government with the goal of restoring the rule of law and democracy. ms. boluarte called for a political truce to overcome the crisis and mr. castillo’s wife, maría lucía reque, asked for a “space and time to rescue the country”. mr. castillo was detained and signed papers with prosecutors, as seen in photos shared by police on twitter. a new congress with constitutional powers to create a new constitution will be convened within nine months.

By Evey Lovelace

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