“Peru Makes History with First Female President Following Impeachment of Ex-President Pedro Castillo”

1: on wednesday, peru swore in dina boluarte, a 60-year-old lawyer and the former vice-president, as its first female president in history following the impeachment of ex-president pedro castillo. earlier in the day, mr castillo had attempted to dissolve parliament, but lawmakers ignored his attempt and impeached him. he was subsequently detained and accused of rebellion.
paragraph 2: the events took place in lima, peru, on wednesday. mr castillo had been elected in june 2021 in a polarising election in which he defeated his right-wing rival keiko fujimori. in 2020, peru had three presidents within the space of five days.
paragraph 3: congress, which was controlled by parties opposed to mr castillo, held an emergency session and voted overwhelmingly in favour of his impeachment. mr castillo said he was responding to the demands of citizens across the country by establishing an exceptional government with the aim of restoring the rule of law and democracy. keiko fujimori, mr castillo’s opponent, called for a space and time to rescue the country, urging the police and military to respect the constitutional order, and for dialogue between the two sides to restore peace and democracy.


By Evey Lovelace

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