Maxine Waters Invites Sam Bankman-Fried to Testify Before Congress, But He Refuses To Cooperate

Financial services committee chair maxine waters and ftx founder sam bankman-fried were involved in a situation involving a potential subpoena. rep. waters posted to twitter that a subpoena was on the table, but she would prefer to convince bankman-fried to testify of his own free will. binance ceo changpeng “cz” zhao also weighed in on the situation by tweeting that bankman-fried is one of the greatest fraudsters in history.

Situation began on november 11 when ftx filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. bankman-fried then went on an apology tour, giving interview after interview and admitting to using dark money to donate to republican candidates while publicly donating to democratic candidates. rep. waters sent bankman-fried an almost friendly request on twitter on december 2 and bankman-fried punted on the invitation to testify. rep. waters had a private meeting with sec chair gary gensler earlier this week and her latest public statement implies bankman-fried may not have the option of waiting.

Is a master manipulator when it comes to media and key opinion leaders and may have been waiting for republicans to take control of the house and committee on january 3, 2023, before testifying. binance announced it would not buy ftx and that the company was liquidating its entire position in ftt, ftx’s native token. bankman-fried responded to rep. waters’ invitation by saying he would testify when he has finished learning and reviewing what happened. rep. waters’ latest public statement implies bankman-fried may not have the option of waiting.

By Evey Lovelace

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