Iran Executes First Protester Convicted Over Recent Anti-Government Unrest

Has announced the first execution of a protester convicted over the recent anti-government unrest. mohsen shekari was hanged on thursday morning after being found guilty by a revolutionary court of “enmity against god”. he was accused of being a “rioter” who blocked a main road in tehran in september and wounded a member of a paramilitary force with a machete. an activist said he was convicted after a “show trial without any due process”.

Incident took place on 25 september in tehran’s sattar khan street. on 1 november, the court found shekari guilty of fighting and drawing a weapon “with the intention of killing, causing terror and disturbing the order and security of society”. he appealed against the verdict, but it was upheld by the supreme court on 20 november.

Protests against iran’s clerical establishment erupted in mid-september, after the death in custody of mahsa amini. the women-led protests have spread to 160 cities in all 31 of the country’s provinces and are seen as one of the most serious challenges to the islamic republic since the 1979 revolution. iran’s leaders have portrayed them as “riots” instigated by the country’s foreign enemies and ordered security forces to “deal decisively” with them. shekari was accused of blocking a main road in tehran and using a machete to attack a member of the basij resistance force, which is believed to have been a response to the protests.

By Evey Lovelace

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