Indiana Sues TikTok Over Unsafe Content and Privacy Concerns

Us state of indiana has taken legal action against the popular social media app tiktok. indiana’s attorney general todd rokita has filed two lawsuits on wednesday, alleging that the app fails to safeguard young people and their privacy. the state claims that the app exposes young users to inappropriate content and does not disclose the chinese government’s potential to access sensitive consumer information. it also accuses the app of deceptive conduct by providing age ratings of 12 and above on apple and google app stores.

Legal action against tiktok took place on wednesday in indiana. the state is seeking an injunction against its practices and civil penalties against the company for its “unfair and deceptive conduct”. texas, south dakota and south carolina have also prohibited the use of the app on state government devices and the fbi director chris wray has voiced concerns about its national security implications. the biden administration has been in talks with tiktok officials for months in order to reach a national security agreement to protect the data of its users in the us. additionally, the social media company could face a â£27m ($29m) fine in the uk for failing to protect children’s privacy.

Attorney general todd rokita has accused tiktok’s parent company bytedance of violating the state’s consumer protections laws. the complaint says that the app’s algorithm promotes a variety of inappropriate content and deceives young users with age ratings of 12 and above on apple and google app stores. it is alleged that the company is not taking sufficient measures to protect the data of its users and the well-being of its young users, leading to the filing of the lawsuit. the attorney general has described the app as “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

By Evey Lovelace

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