History Made in Peru as First Female President Sworn In After Impeachment of Former President Pedro Castillo

The first time in history, peru has a female president, with dina boluarte being sworn in after former president pedro castillo was impeached. mr. castillo was accused of rebellion and detained, reportedly heading to the mexican embassy in the capital when he was arrested. ms. boluarte, a 60-year-old lawyer, stated she will govern until july 2026, the expected end of mr. castillo’s presidency. the involved parties were former president pedro castillo, his right-wing rival keiko fujimori, and peru’s new president dina boluarte. mr castillo was impeached after he declared a state of emergency and attempted to dissolve congress before impeachment proceedings against him were due to start.

Incident occurred in june 2021, when mr castillo was elected as president after a polarising election in which he beat his right-wing rival keiko fujimori. the incident took place in peru, where pictures emerged of mr castillo being detained by police and footage was released of him signing papers with prosecutors. several ministers resigned in protest and the head of the constitutional court accused him of launching a coup d’etat. the us “strongly urged” mr castillo to reverse his decision. peru’s police and armed forces responded by issuing a joint statement affirming their respect for the constitutional order.

Castillo was impeached as a result of his declaration of a state of emergency and his attempt to dissolve congress before impeachment proceedings against him were due to start. the country has seen multiple presidents ousted from office in recent years, with three presidents in the space of five days in 2020. the incident was in response to citizens’ demands throughout the country and mr castillo stated that a new congress with constituent powers to draw up a new constitution would be convened within nine months. congress, controlled by parties opposed to mr castillo, held an emergency session and voted overwhelmingly for impeachment.


By Evey Lovelace

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