“Former President of Peru Detained for ‘Rebellion’ and ‘Conspiracy’ as US Urges Respect for Constitutional Order”

Wednesday, former president pedro castillo of peru was detained by police on suspicion of “rebellion” and “conspiracy” to break the constitutional order. the events unfolded in lima, the capital of peru, where mr castillo had announced plans to hold a referendum for an assembly to write a new constitution, an action which was opposed by the country’s fractured legislature. the us “strongly urged” him to reverse his decision and peru’s police and armed forces released a joint statement expressing their respect for the constitutional order.

Events began on wednesday when mr castillo gave an address on national television in which he declared a state of emergency and outlined plans to rule the country by decree. in response, congress, which is controlled by parties opposed to him, convened an emergency session and voted overwhelmingly to impeach him. metal barricades were erected around the government palace and congress as police in riot gear stood guard, and vice-president dina boluarte was sworn in as castillo’s successor.

Castillo was apprehended while on his way to the mexican embassy in lima, where he had previously tried to dissolve parliament. footage of the 53-year-old at police premises has been circulated, showing him co-operating with prosecutors. he faced several investigations surrounding allegations of using his office to enrich himself, his family, and his closest allies. mexico had expressed its willingness to provide asylum to mr castillo, while the us ambassador to lima welcomed the new government and the us state department expressed support for peru under the unity government boluarte formed.


By Evey Lovelace

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