Taliban Leaders Witness Public Execution in Accordance with Islamic Law

Taliban recently acknowledged carrying out an execution of a man named tajmir in accordance with their interpretation of islamic law. the execution was attended by many of the group’s leaders, including top ministers of their government. the man had allegedly stabbed another man named mustafa about five years ago.

Execution took place in farah province in a sports stadium recently, weeks after their supreme leader, haibatullah akhundzada, issued an edict instructing judges to enforce sharia law. prior to the execution, a public notice was circulated, inviting citizens to attend the event.

Man was convicted by three taliban courts and his sentence was approved by mullah akhundzada. the father of the victim carried out the execution, shooting the man three times, according to a later statement from a taliban spokesperson. despite pleas from taliban leaders to forgive the man, the victim’s mother insisted upon his execution. she added that the execution was a lesson for other people, that if he were not executed, he would commit other crimes in the future. this event marked the taliban’s first public execution since their return to power in afghanistan last year.


By Evey Lovelace

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