Taliban Leaders Attend Public Execution of Murderer in Afghanistan

Taliban conducted their first public execution since returning to power in afghanistan. the execution was attended by dozens of taliban leaders, supreme court justices, military personnel, senior ministers, and the minister for vice and virtue. the executed man was a son of ghulam sarwar and a resident of herat province. he had allegedly stabbed mustafa five years prior and was sentenced by three taliban courts.

Execution occurred in a crowded sports stadium in farah province. it happened weeks after judges were instructed to fully enforce sharia law. a public notice was issued inviting citizens to the execution. prime minister hasan akhund did not attend the execution.

Execution was conducted by the father of the victim. haibatullah akhundzada, the supreme leader of the taliban, issued an edict to judges ordering them to impose punishments that may include public executions, public amputations, and stoning. the murdered man’s mother spoke to the bbc and revealed that taliban leaders had asked her to forgive the man, but she refused. the execution was meant to serve as a lesson to others, emphasizing the importance of executing him in order to prevent him from committing other crimes in the future. the taliban have not officially specified what crimes incur such punishments. the man was shot three times by the father of his victim.


By Evey Lovelace

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