Taliban Executes Man in Public Stadium, World Bank Freezes $600 Million in Response

Taliban recently conducted their first public execution since coming back to power in afghanistan last year. the executed man, tajmir, was convicted by three taliban courts and his sentence was approved by mullah akhundzada. numerous taliban leaders, including the majority of the top ministers in their government, were present at the hanging. mohammad khaled hanafi, charged with imposing the taliban’s strict interpretation of islamic law as minister for vice and virtue, was also present.

Execution took place at a crowded sports stadium in south-western farah province and was preceded by a public announcement calling on citizens to join in the event. the mother of the murdered man expressed her stance on the situation to the bbc after the taliban leaders asked her to forgive the man. a listener to the bbc’s afghan radio service in farah reported that his son had observed the execution.

Execution was carried out by the father of a man killed five years ago, in line with the taliban’s record of public punishments, including executions at the national stadium in kabul. the move follows a directive issued by the taliban’s supreme leader haibatullah akhundzada last month, instructing judges to strictly enforce sharia law, including the possibility of public executions, public amputations and stoning. since seizing power, the taliban have severely curbed women’s freedoms and have been known to beat women for demanding rights, which may have contributed to the world bank withholding $600m. prime minster hasan akhund was not in attendance.


By Evey Lovelace

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