Reichsbürger: Germany’s Growing Right-Wing Extremist Movement

Reichsbã¼rger, an anti-government group, has been linked to the german military and was seen at mass street protests alongside anti-vaxxers, covid deniers and qanon supporters in the last few years. in august 2020, they were present when a mob from a covid demonstration attempted to storm the bundestag.
earlier this year, the kã¶nigreich deutschland (kingdom germany) purchased two pieces of land in saxony in an effort to create their own self-administered state. in response, the authorities revoked more than a thousand gun licences from people linked to the reichsbã¼rger ideology. government figures also indicate that reichsbã¼rger and self-administrators committed more than 1,000 extremist criminal acts in 2021, double the number in 2020.
the spread of false information has caused worry among the authorities, as these theories could lead to violence. conspiracy theories have become deeply embedded in german society, particularly during the pandemic. this was witnessed firsthand by reporters at various demonstrations in recent years, where individuals voiced their belief that the covid vaccine is a type of poison and that the german government is trying to “replace” its native population with foreigners. last week, a protest against high energy bills saw one individual voice their opinion that the country’s foreign and economy ministers were planning on declaring war on their own homeland.

By Evey Lovelace

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