Prince Harry and Meghan Receive Ripple of Hope Award for Work in Racial Justice and Mental Health

Harry and meghan, the duke and duchess of sussex, were presented with the ripple of hope award from the robert f kennedy human rights (rfkhr) organisation for their work in racial justice and mental health. the award was presented to the couple at a gala in new york hosted by actor alec baldwin. other recipients of the award included ukrainian president volodymr zelensky and bank of america chief executive brian moynihan.

Gala took place on tuesday, and the couple made a speech at the ceremony, noting their “belief of courage over fear and love over hate”, and remarked that “we know a ripple of hope can turn into a wave of change”. harry joked that it was an unexpected date night for the couple, with 1,500 people in attendance.

Couple also announced their new collaboration between their archewell foundation and the rfkhr, the archewell foundation award for gender equity in student film. the award is intended to empower young filmmakers by recognizing outstanding work that promotes gender equity, advances the cause of human rights and amplifies the voices of those who are underrepresented in film. rfkhr president kerry kennedy praised the royal couple for their bravery in addressing the issues of mental illness and racial justice. the couple expressed their commitment to creating a more equitable and just society. the show is set to be released on netflix later this week, with prince harry touching on the “dirty game” of leaking and planting stories. despite the couple’s candid discussion of their mental health and the media scrutiny they faced, the trailer for their upcoming mental health documentary series on apple tv+ has been criticised for allegedly using misleading footage and photos. the documentary, titled ‘the me you can’t see’, is due to be released in may 2021.

By Evey Lovelace

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