Plot to Overthrow German Government Foiled: 25 Arrested in Nationwide Raids

Tuesday, 25 people were arrested in raids across germany on suspicion of plotting to overthrow the government. alleged ringleaders prince heinrich xiii, 71, and another individual were among those arrested from 11 german states, and the group of far-right and ex-military figures had prepared for a “day x” to storm the reichstag parliament building and seize power. an estimated 50 men and women have allegedly been part of the group.

Raids began in november 2021 and involved three thousand officers conducting 130 raids across much of the country, with two people arrested in austria and italy. eight of the arrests took place in baden-wã¼rttemberg. justice minister marco buschmann tweeted that a major anti-terror operation was taking place and a suspected “armed attack on constitutional bodies was planned”.

Group had been plotting to overthrow the republic and create a new state modelled on the germany of 1871. interior minister nancy faeser stated that authorities would respond with the full force of the law “against the enemies of democracy”. the plotters reportedly wanted to replace the current government with one based on far-right and extremist ideologies.

By Evey Lovelace

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