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“Peru’s First Female President Sworn In After Ousting of Pedro Castillo Amid Turbulent Political Period”

1: on june 2021, the newly elected peruvian president pedro castillo was seen on police premises just hours after he attempted to dissolve congress. congress, controlled by parties opposed to him, held an emergency session and impeached him. as a result, dina boluarte was sworn in as peru’s first female president.

2: the events occurred during a particularly tumultuous political period in peru. mr castillo had been elected just a month prior to his attempt to dissolve congress, which was due to start fresh impeachment proceedings against him. the united states strongly urged mr castillo to reverse his decision and peru’s police and armed forces released a joint statement indicating their commitment to the constitutional order.

3: mr castillo argued that those attempting to remove him from office were trying to undermine democracy. he stated that he had made his decision “in response to citizens’ demands throughout the length and breadth of the country”. the result of the vote was overwhelming, with 101 votes in favour of impeaching him and only six against. this occurred during a particularly tumultuous political period in peru, following his election in june 2021 in a polarising election against his right-wing rival keiko fujimori, who he had defeated.

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