“Peru Makes History with First Female President After Impeaching Ex-President Pedro Castillo”

1: peru has a female president for the first time, after ex-president pedro castillo was impeached. dina boluarte, the former vice-president, was sworn in as president after a dramatic day of events in lima. pedro castillo, the current president, had announced he was dissolving congress, but lawmakers ignored the announcement and held an emergency meeting to impeach him.
paragraph 2: the events began on wednesday when president pedro castillo announced a state of emergency on national television. his decision was met with shock in peru and abroad, and several ministers resigned in protest. the head of the constitutional court accused him of launching a coup d’etat, and the us urged him to reverse his decision. peru’s police and armed forces released a joint statement saying they respected the constitutional order.
paragraph 3: mr castillo was trying to dissolve congress just hours before it was due to start fresh impeachment proceedings against him. congress, which is controlled by parties opposed to mr castillo, held the impeachment vote mr castillo had been trying to prevent, and the result was overwhelming. after the impeachment, castillo was seen on police premises, and it is unknown if he was arrested or if he decided to attend. peru has been going through a rocky political period, with multiple presidents ousted from office in recent years. mr castillo was elected in june 2021 in a polarising election in which he defeated his right-wing rival keiko fujimori.


By Evey Lovelace

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