Crypto Enthusiasts Unite in Effort to Purchase Historic U.S. Constitution for Up to $30 Million

Year ago, a group of crypto enthusiasts formed constitutiondao, a dao that pooled funds together to purchase a copy of the u.s. constitution. unfortunately, billionaire ken griffin outbid them, purchasing the document for $43.2 million. in an effort to purchase another copy of the historic document, constitutiondao2 has been created and is set to be auctioned off on december 13 by sotheby’s, with a value estimated between $20 million and $30 million. the dao also refers to itself as “unumdao”.

Auction is taking place online and the dao has garnered the support of many crypto-focused groups, such as aztec, languagedao, nucleo, moondao, 404dao, empire dao, juice box, and the original peopledao. to ensure the venture succeeds, constitutiondao2 is giving donators the ability to make private eth donations, although crypto winter has made raising eth a tougher task than it was a year ago. a poll conducted on the group’s public twitter account saw 83% of respondents voting in favor of the dao attempting to purchase a copy of the document.

Goal of constitutiondao2 is to start a collection of civic artifacts that are run by the people and teaching the world about democratic innovations found in history and on web3. issues arose when the dao realized that in order for contributors to be refunded, they would have to pay ethereum gas fees, diminishing their refunds. it is unclear to what extent the new dao is made up of original constitutiondao participants.

By Evey Lovelace

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