China Reverses Extreme Covid Policies and Aims to “Live with the Virus”

Chinese government has recently rolled back its most severe covid policies, such as forcing people into quarantine camps. people with covid can now isolate at home if they have mild or no symptoms, while a pcr test is needed for schools and hospitals. the shift away from a zero-covid policy has been made in order to “live with the virus” in the same way as the rest of the world.

Rollback of covid policies has been occurring since there have been over 30,000 covid cases each day in china. reports of delays in emergency medical care for those in locked down areas have sparked protests in multiple chinese cities. crowds voiced criticism of lockdowns and pandemic restrictions, while authorities have urged the acceleration of the vaccination of elderly people.

Sun chunlan has flagged that china is entering a “new situation” in the pandemic due to the weakening of the virus’ ability to cause disease. experts have advised that any easing of zero-covid in china needs to be done slowly, with the vaccination of the elderly population seen as the key to exiting covid with the least damage. it is hoped that three doses of vaccination can be completed before chinese new year in january of 2023.

By Evey Lovelace

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