China Loosens Lockdown Measures and Vaccination Plan to Tackle Covid-19 Wave

Chinese government recently loosened a policy that had been in place for nearly three years, allowing those with covid-19 or close contacts to the virus to isolate at home rather than in state facilities, if they have mild or no symptoms. tests are no longer required for most venues, and citizens can travel more freely inside the country. chinese authorities have issued new guidelines requiring a strict ban on blocking fire exits and doors.

Policy changes were implemented in response to the current wave of covid-19 infections, with over 30,000 cases reported daily. the national health commission has called on localities to prioritize vaccinating people aged 60-79, and to make special arrangements for those aged 80 and above. since the protests on 24-26 november, chinese authorities have begun to ease lockdown measures, and have loosened language around the dangers of covid.

Policy changes were implemented to ensure a safe exit from covid-19, with health experts recommending that china must accelerate the vaccination of its elderly population. prof ivan hung at hong kong university suggested that reopening of international borders could take place before chinese new year in january 2023. relief and concern have been expressed by citizens, with critics suggesting that the victims were unable to escape due to lockdown measures, but beijing has denied this.

By Evey Lovelace

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