China Eases Covid Restrictions and Urges Vaccination of Elderly to Avoid Surge in Cases

Chinese government recently announced that most people with covid-19 will be allowed to self-quarantine at home instead of in state facilities. pcr tests have been removed for most public venues, except for hospitals and schools. they are shifting away from the zero-covid policy and are looking to “live with the virus”. over 30,000 cases are being reported each day.

Announcement was made in december 2020 and the changes have been implemented across the country. videos have documented guards forcibly removing people from their homes and the national health commission declared a strict ban on blocking fire exits and doors. reports of people being contained in their homes and buildings being sealed under lockdown conditions have been recorded. the fatal fire in the western xinjiang region has been cited as a factor in the outcry.

Chinese government is aiming to accelerate the vaccination of elderly people and to have three doses of the vaccine administered before chinese new year in january 2023. those with mild or no symptoms are able to stay at home and self-report results. the rapid easing of restrictions could lead to a surge in cases, so health experts have recommended that china prioritize vaccinating its elderly population. vice-premier sun chunlan declared that china was entering a new situation in the pandemic.

By Evey Lovelace

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