Warner Music Group and LGND Music Partner to Revolutionize Music Industry with NFTs

Music group has recently partnered with polygon and web3 music startup lgnd music to release music nfts. the partnership includes spinnin’ records, a major label under warner music. lgnd music will offer songs as nfts and other digital collectibles from musicians. electronic dance musicians have been particularly active in the crypto and web3 space, with big names such as deadmau5, steve aoki, 3lau, and dillon francis buying or selling nfts.

Partnership was announced in april 2021. it will be available on both desktop and mobile apps for interacting with the nfts. nft purchases made via lgnd’s ios app will be subject to apple’s 30% in-app purchase fee. users who prefer self-custody will have the option to connect their own wallets if desired.

Partnership is an attempt to bring artists into web3, and polygon studios ceo ryan wyatt believes it is an “exciting milestone for the music industry.” warner music has made a number of web3 partnerships this year, such as bringing metaverse concerts and events into the sandbox in january and partnering with crypto game splinterlands to develop “arcade-style” games around its artists in february. lgnd music will not force users to connect a cryptocurrency wallet to explore the platform.


By Evey Lovelace

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