Ukraine Implements Emergency Shutdowns as Russian Missile Attacks Continue

1: on monday, president volodymyr zelensky of ukraine announced an emergency shutdown of the power grid in response to a series of russian missile attacks that left four people dead. governor of russia’s kursk region reported a drone attack on an airfield that set an oil storage tank alight. president zelensky asserted that 70 russian missiles were fired and most were shot down, while the russian defence ministry said all 17 of its intended targets were hit.
paragraph 2: the missile attack was the eighth of its kind in eight weeks and came after days of warnings from moscow. the russian defence ministry reported that three servicemen and two aircraft were lightly damaged in a series of explosions at two military airfields in the ryazan and saratov region. ukrainian officials had discussed transitioning to scheduled blackouts prior to the russian strikes, and since 10 october, the russian military has targeted ukrainian power grids.
paragraph 3: western leaders have described the tactic as a war crime, due to the extensive damage inflicted on civilian infrastructure. experts have suggested that the russian strategy is intended to demoralise and terrorise the population, rather than bring a military benefit. moscow has denied these allegations, and president vladimir putin discussed the issue of state security at a meeting held in moscow. ukrainian energy minister hopes to reduce the power deficit caused by the latest russian strikes by tuesday evening, bringing nuclear power stations back onto the grid.

By Evey Lovelace

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