Ukraine Declares Emergency After Fatal Russian Missile Strikes, Millions Without Power and Running Water

Volodymyr zelensky of ukraine and roman starovoyt, the governor of russia’s kursk region, were involved in monday’s missile attacks. four people were killed and critical infrastructure and residential houses near the southern city of zaporizhzhia were struck. on tuesday night, a drone attack set ablaze an oil storage tank at an airfield near the border with ukraine.
the attacks began on monday, with most of the missiles being shot down. the majority of the targets were located in various regions of ukraine, including vinnytsia, kyiv, zhytomyr, dnipropetrovsk, odesa, khmelnytskyi and cherkasy. in addition, explosions at two military airfields deep inside russia were reported on tuesday, with three servicemen killed and two aircraft lightly damaged.
the missiles were fired using high-precision weapons and have caused a massive amount of destruction to civilian infrastructure. reports of moscow’s tactic of hitting energy infrastructure have been labelled a war crime by some western leaders. it is believed that this strategy is being used to demoralise and terrorise the population and not for any concrete military purpose.

By Evey Lovelace

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