“Steve Aoki and 3LAU Team Up to Form Supergroup Punx, Fusing Music and Blockchain Technology”

Aoki and justin “3lau” blau, two popular electronic musicians and prominent nft backers, have formed a supergroup named punx. the two drew inspiration from their respective cryptopunks profile pictures (pfps) and released their first song together, “jenny,” as an nft in 2021. future moments may see their music and blockchain technology intertwined.

Collaboration happened in 2021, and the song was released as an nft. aoki and 3lau have both collected cryptopunks nfts, with aoki purchasing his cryptopunk #6748 for 89.95 eth or $147,000 in september, and 3lau purchasing his cryptopunk #6708 in march 2021 for 29.99 eth, then worth around $51,000. 3lau is also co-founder of nft music marketplace royal.

Collaboration happened as a result of their respective cryptopunks profile pictures, and their interest in nfts. cryptopunks holders are given the ability to create derivative artwork and products with their nfts. bored ape yacht club released the first popularized concept of using cryptopunks to release music in 2021. escapeplan, a dj duo composed of two bored ape nft holders, announced a partnership with artist dillon francis earlier this year. universal music group’s 10:22pm label has created a virtual bored ape band called kingship. legendary producer timbaland launched his own production company in 2021 to release music from ape-based artists. edm artists deadmau5 and kaskade have released tracks under the name kx5.


By Evey Lovelace

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