“President Zelensky Declares Emergency Shutdown in Ukraine After Russian Missile Attacks”

One: on monday, russian missile attacks killed four people and caused president volodymyr zelensky of ukraine to announce emergency shutdowns in order to stabilise the power grid. overnight, more missiles hit critical infrastructure near the southern city of zaporizhzhia and an airfield in russia’s kursk region was the target of a drone attack that set an oil storage tank alight.
paragraph two: this was the eighth massive missile attack in a span of eight weeks and came after warnings from moscow. explosions at two military airfields in ryazan and saratov region of russia preceded the attack. since october 10th, moscow has been carrying out strikes against ukraine’s power grid, targeting seven regions across the country.
paragraph three: western leaders have deemed the strategy a war crime due to the significant damage it has caused to civilian infrastructure. president zelensky has identified the attack as a threat to ukraine and the entire region, including moldova. russia has denied these allegations and president zelensky has reported that 70 russian missiles were fired on monday, with most of them being shot down. kyiv officials had previously discussed transitioning from emergency blackouts to scheduled power outages that would provide civilians with more predictability.


By Evey Lovelace

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