House Committee Agrees to Make Criminal Referrals to Justice Department for Capitol Riot Involving Former President Donald Trump

6 january 2021, hundreds of supporters of former president donald trump stormed the capitol building in washington d.c. in a bid to impede the certification of joe biden’s election victory. chairman thompson of the us congressional committee investigating last year’s capitol riot and vice-chair liz cheney have been conducting hearings to investigate former president donald trump’s involvement in the attack. 900 people have been arrested and hundreds of criminal charges have been issued, with 173 people sentenced for various crimes.

Attack on the capitol occurred on 6 january 2021. it took place at the capitol building in washington d.c. allegations were made that former president donald trump’s public rejection of the 2020 election results sparked the assault on the capitol. mr. trump has vocally criticized the committee and its members.

Attack was carried out by hundreds of supporters of former president donald trump. the house committee has signalled it could make criminal referrals to the justice department relating to the efforts of former president donald trump and his allies to challenge the results of the 2020 election. the justice department could potentially begin criminal proceedings. the committee will include a recommendation for criminal charges in its final report and the justice department may refer the case to special counsel jack smith for criminal proceedings. the house of representatives is preparing for the republican takeover following the midterm elections and republican kevin mccarthy requested that records be preserved and warned that his party will launch their own investigation.

By Evey Lovelace

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