Four Killed in Missile Attacks on Ukraine, Putin Focuses on State Security amid International Outcry

1: four people were killed in missile attacks on ukraine’s infrastructure. president volodymyr zelensky announced emergency shutdowns to stabilise the country’s power grid, and overnight more missiles hit critical facilities near the southern city of zaporizhzhia. a drone attack on an airfield in the kursk region set an oil storage tank alight, resulting in intense flames and thick black smoke. moscow reported explosions at two military airfields, which they attributed to ukrainian drones.
paragraph 2: the attacks happened over the last eight weeks, with two military airfields in the ryazan and saratov region experiencing explosions. three servicemen were killed and two aircraft were lightly damaged. electricity supplies were also affected in neighbouring moldova. western leaders have deemed the strategy to be a violation of international law due to the destruction of civilian infrastructure.
paragraph 3: russian president vladimir putin stated that the focus of the security council meeting would be on state security. ukraine’s energy minister is working to reduce the power deficit caused by the recent strikes, leaving millions of people in ukraine feeling the effects of the conflict and facing the danger of hypothermia. russian defence ministry reported massive high-precision strikes on ukraine’s military command and control systems, which is believed to be the cause of the conflict.

By Evey Lovelace

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