FBI Investigates Intentional Attack on North Carolina Power Stations, Causing 35,000 to Lose Power

1: two power stations in north carolina were attacked with gunfire, causing 35,000 people to lose power and leaving 45,000 people initially affected by the outage. the fbi is now investigating the intentional attack which targeted moore county.
paragraph 2: the attack happened on sunday evening and has caused a state of emergency to be declared, including a county-wide curfew from 21:00 on sunday to 05:00 (10:00 gmt) on monday. several road accidents occurred when the power went out, including a four-vehicle pile up. the power outage also caused major hospitals to switch to using generator power, while water and sewage services are also running on back-up generators.
paragraph 3: it is unclear who the suspect is and the motive behind the attack is unknown. social media rumours suggest the vandalism was an attempt to stop a drag show from taking place, but this has not been confirmed. state governor roy cooper has stated that those responsible should be brought to justice and sheriff ronnie fields said that the person or persons responsible knew what they were doing. jeff brooks, a spokesman for the local energy company duke energy, said citizens should be prepared for a sophisticated repair. fire chief mike cameron said the car wreck was caused by the stop lights being out. it could take until thursday to restore power, as the damage to the two substations is significant and it is unclear how long schools in the county will remain closed.


By Evey Lovelace

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