ConsenSys Joins 22 Strategic Investors and Issues Updates to User Data Policies

One of 22 strategic investors in decrypt, was involved in an incident in november 2020 when the crypto community pushed back against the firm’s privacy policy. the company issued updates and clarifications to how it stores user data, and reported that it plans to delete user data after one week. consensys highlighted that data collected via its crypto wallet metamask and infrastructure provider infura is never sold to third parties.

Incident occurred in november 2020, when the crypto industry was up in arms over reports about consensys’ privacy policy. as part of the response, metamask users will soon have the option to select an alternative remote procedure call (rpc) provider instead of the default setting of infura. consensys also noted that part of the value it offers is in the user’s right to exit its offerings.

Is only collected when users make transactions (rather than simply checking an account balance), and the type of data collected includes users’ wallets and ip addresses. users will have the option from next week to choose their own rpc providers and opt out of other services implemented to improve user experience. consensys was quick to remind in today’s note that the revelations were not a deviation or change from its existing policies but rather “aimed to solely provide greater transparency.”

By Evey Lovelace

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