Al Jazeera Submits Evidence to International Criminal Court in Case Against Israeli Forces for Killing of Palestinian-American Journalist

May 2021, al jazeera submitted a case to the international criminal court (icc) against the israeli forces over the killing of palestinian-american journalist shireen abu aqla. the israeli military claims her death was unintentional, but al jazeera alleges that the evidence shows it was a deliberate killing. outgoing israeli prime minister yair lapid has expressed his disapproval of the case.

Abu aqla was killed in the occupied territories of israel, and in september her family submitted a complaint to the international criminal court in support of al jazeera’s submission of evidence. at a news conference in the hague, lina abu aqla, the niece of abu aqla, said that the evidence shows without any doubt that her aunt was directly fired at by the israeli occupation forces.

Jazeera’s legal team has highlighted in their submission that the claim by the israeli authorities that shireen was killed by mistake is completely unfounded. the evidence presented to the office of the prosecutor confirms that there was no firing in the area where shireen was other than the iof shooting directly at her. this deliberate killing was part of a wider campaign to target and silence al jazeera, which includes the israeli air strike on a gaza city tower block that housed the offices of al jazeera and the associated press (ap) news agency in may 2021.

By Evey Lovelace

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