“Train Link Between Abuja and Kaduna Reopens After Horrific Hijacking by Boko Haram”

High-speed train link between abuja and kaduna was reopened nine months after a hijacking incident that left at least nine people dead. the hijackers were suspected to be members of the islamist boko haram militant group, who abducted the passengers and forced them to trek for four days without food. the captors also demanded hefty ransoms from the families of the victims and employed charlatan doctors to administer injections to the sick.

Hijacking incident took place on the 174km (108-mile) train link between abuja and kaduna. the government workers, who often cannot afford to rent in abuja, took the train as a safer alternative to the highway. the women abducted had to deal with unhygienic conditions and were forced to use rags for sanitary pads.

Hijackers employed tactics such as only giving occasional water to drink, eating once a day at 11:00, and holding up the release of the captives when soldiers refused to allow access to the meeting point. it is believed that the hijacking was motivated by the need for ransom money and to spread fear and chaos. in response, the government has implemented cctv and 24-hour surveillance of the rail track to prevent similar incidents in the future.


By Evey Lovelace

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