Russia Launches Eighth Missile Strike in Eight Weeks, Killing Four and Disrupting Electricity Supplies in Ukraine and Moldova

The latest attack, russia launched missile strikes against targets in ukraine for the eighth time in eight weeks. four people were killed in the attack and ukraine claims to have shot down sixty of the seventy missiles fired by russia, while moscow says that it hit all seventeen of its targets. this attack has affected electricity supplies in neighbouring moldova, and previous russian attacks have left millions without electricity and heat as winter approaches.

Attack happened on monday, with warnings of further attacks being issued, followed by explosions at two airbases located inside russia. three servicemen were killed and two aircraft were lightly damaged. this shows that russia poses a threat to not just ukraine, but to the entire region.

Damage caused by monday’s attacks appears to be less severe than in past incidents. this is due to an apparent lack of iranian-made “kamikaze” drones, as russia had consumed its stockpile of the unmanned vehicles. cold temperatures had also stopped them from being deployed, as these attacks have not been used since mid-november. kyiv had discussed transitioning from emergency blackouts to more planned outages, but this decision was made difficult due to the ongoing threat of russian attacks.

By Evey Lovelace

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