“H1-B Visa Holders in US Face Uncertainties: Surbhi, Rakhee, and Savita’s Stories of Resilience”

1: surbhi gupta and rakhee were recently affected by mass layoffs at a us tech firm. both of them are h1-b visa holders and face uncertainties in the us. they have achieved many personal milestones, such as surbhi’s network having a positive reaction to the news, making her feel like she belonged, and rakhee being crowned miss bharat california and walking the ramp at new york fashion week. savita patel has also been affected by visa issues, curtailing her travels home to india and not being able to meet her elderly parents since the covid-19 pandemic.

2: rakhee has been working in the us for 15 years, contributing to the economy, and savita has been affected by her visa going into random administrative processing, causing problems in her marriage. both of them have been unable to invest in a home or start a company due to their visa status. the mass layoffs at the us tech firm happened recently and the job search is set to become more difficult in december due to the holidays.

3: the mass layoffs and visa issues have caused difficulties for surbhi, rakhee, and savita. rakhee’s parents have taught him to never give up in life and convert problems into opportunities. savita believes her identity should not be limited to her professional role. surbhi is now looking for new opportunities and is optimistic about her future, and rakhee’s ability to stay in the us is dependent on his h1-b visa. the us’ country cap has caused rakhee’s wait for a green card to be an arduous process.


By Evey Lovelace

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