“From Tragedy to Triumph: Mohamed El Bachiri and Charlotte’s Journey of Love and Solidarity in the Face of Terror”

1: mohamed el bachiri is the husband of the late loubna lafquiri, who was murdered by a suicide bomber. in response, mohamed wrote a book titled jihad of love. ten men are going on trial for their involvement in the brussels and paris attacks. charlotte, founder of survivors against terror, and her son henry have returned to brussels for the start of the trial. charlotte will give a victim impact statement and the trial is expected to cost up to 25 million euros.

2: mohamed had fled syria in 2014 and chooses to remember his wife with warmth instead of attending the trial. charlotte has formed an intense bond with loubna mohamed, one of the families of the victims of the 2014 tunisia beach attack. charlotte and mohamed hope to meet each other and reinforce the solidarity and spirit that the terrorists inadvertently created.

3: loubna lafquiri left behind her husband and three young children. mohamed was confronted with his own memories of the war in syria while searching for loubna. charlotte received a call three days after the attack from a police social worker, bracing her for the worst news. charlotte believes that their message of cohesion, love, and community is stronger than the terrorists’ message of destruction.


By Evey Lovelace

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