Explosions at Russian Military Airfields Leave Multiple Dead and Injured, Ukraine Suspected

1: several people were killed in explosions at two russian military airfields. a fuel tanker exploded near the city ryazan, south-east of moscow, killing three and injuring six, while two more people were hurt in an explosion at an airfield in the saratov region. it is not known what caused the blasts.
paragraph 2: the explosions occurred at two sites hundreds of kilometres away from the ukrainian border. last week, satellite images showed increased military aircraft activity at the engels airbase in the saratov region. russian president vladimir putin has been informed of the two incidents.
paragraph 3: the cause of the explosions is still unknown and speculation exists that ukraine may be behind them. kremlin spokesman dmitry peskov said he had only seen media reports about the incidents and did not have any further information. it is unclear why the explosions occurred and further investigations will be necessary to determine the cause.


By Evey Lovelace

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