Explosions at Russian Airfields Kill Several, Fuel Speculation of Ukraine’s Involvement

Least five people have been killed and eight injured in explosions at two russian military airfields. the explosions occurred at an airfield near the city of ryazan, south-east of moscow and an airfield in the saratov region. it is not yet known what caused the blasts.

Explosions took place on sunday, hundreds of kilometres away from the ukrainian border. satellite images taken from the same day showed a large fleet of russian heavy bombers at the engels airbase in the saratov region. mykhaylo podolyak, a presidential adviser, appeared to refer to the reported incidents in a tweet.

Cause of the explosions is still unknown, but the reports have fuelled speculation that ukraine may be behind them. ukraine has not officially commented on the incidents, but has said that russia has launched a new wave of missile strikes on the country, with air alerts declared in kyiv and in most regions. russian president vladimir putin has been informed of the two reported incidents.


By Evey Lovelace

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