Chinese Authorities Ramp Up Vaccination Campaign to Combat Elderly Vaccine Hesitancy

Response to the unprecedented protests taking place across china, the chinese authorities have declared that they are ramping up their vaccination campaign to increase the rate of vaccination among elderly people. prof liang wannian, head of china’s covid expert panel, has set a goal of getting 90% of the over-80s to either complete the initial two-dose vaccination course or get a booster jab by the end of january.

Vaccine rollout in china began at the end of 2020, with the country prioritising the working-age population and testing its vaccines outside china in countries with much younger populations. initially, china told its own elderly population there was not enough data on the effectiveness and safety of the vaccines to recommend they receive them.

Shows that two doses of the pfizer/biontech mrna vaccine would give 90% protection against serious illness from covid-19. vaccine hesitancy among the elderly is one issue identified by prof liang wannian, in addition to the lack of community health infrastructure for the elderly in china. furthermore, a series of health scandals have caused faith in locally-made vaccines to be dented.

By Evey Lovelace

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