ANC Leaders to Decide Fate of President Ramaphosa Amid Corruption Scandal

Of south africa’s governing party are meeting to discuss president cyril ramaphosa’s future amid a corruption scandal that has led to calls for him to resign. the scandal involves the president himself, as well as former south african spy boss arthur fraser, parliament, and the opposition. in june, mr fraser filed a complaint with police accusing the president of hiding a theft of $4m (â£3.25m) in cash from his phala phala game farm. the president admitted that some money, which had been hidden in a sofa, had been stolen, but said it was $580,000 not $4m.

Meeting of the african national congress’ executive committee – its top decision-making body – comes a day after a smaller group of leaders met to discuss the issue, but failed to reach a conclusion. the scandal erupted in june, when mr fraser filed the complaint with police and the panel of legal experts said last week that mr ramaphosa may have broken the law by allegedly covering up the theft. the panel’s findings were then handed to parliament, which is set to examine them and decide whether or not to launch impeachment proceedings against the president.

President is also under pressure from the opposition, as well as rivals within the anc, to resign. the scandal is especially damaging for the president because he came to power vowing to clear up the corruption which had dogged the country under his predecessor, jacob zuma. mr ramaphosa’s legal team is also expected to lodge papers with the country’s constitutional court on monday to undertake a legal review of the report by the panel that was appointed by the speaker of parliament. the president’s spokesman described the report as “flawed”. the opposition and rivals within the anc are calling for mr ramaphosa to resign.

By Evey Lovelace

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