“War-Torn Ukraine: Inna and Her Son Find Resilience and Hope in Pre-Fab Home”

Prosyanyk, yaroslav moiseenko, and his mother nadiia were all involved in the story of having to flee mariupol due to the russian siege. they now live in an out-house in the village of kalynivka, which is so small that it can be crossed in three strides. the family has been struggling with power cuts due to russian strikes on the energy grid, and so they are using torches and candles for light.
the events took place in march when the family was forced to flee their home in kalynivka, and when they returned in may, they saw that their home had been reduced to ashes. despite the difficult circumstances, they have hope that soon they will have a much better home.
the family was forced to flee their home due to the russian siege of mariupol, and when they returned to their home in kalynivka, they found it had been destroyed. despite the hardships, they have been prioritized for a pre-fab house from a charity called nest, and inna expresses a resilience that is echoed by many in ukraine. inna hopes for a swift end to the war with peace and tranquillity restored, and for all soldiers to return home alive and well.


By Evey Lovelace

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