Ukraine Conflict to Slow Down During Winter Months, US Intelligence Agencies Believe

Ongoing conflict in ukraine has been waging for nine months, with russia losing more than half the land it seized. both sides are trying to “refit, resupply and reconstitute” for a counter-offensive in the spring. us intelligence agencies believe that the fighting in ukraine will slow down in the coming winter months. the conflict is concentrated in the bakhmut and donetsk region of eastern ukraine, and since russia withdrew its troops from the west of the kherson region last month, fighting has slowed down.

Sanctions were imposed against 10 senior orthodox church figures due to their suspected involvement in russia’s invasion in october. president zelensky expressed his view that the western price cap set on russian oil exports is inadequate and not enough to damage the russian economy. kremlin spokesman dmitry peskov stated that moscow had prepared for the move, but would not be selling its oil under the cap. opec+ had agreed to reduce their output by two million barrels per day from november, which was met with criticism from the united states and other western nations.

Ukrainian government is seeing shortages of ammunition, supply issues, logistics and other concerns that are affecting morale. russian attacks on ukraine’s critical energy infrastructure have been reported. oil prices have continued to decline due to slower global growth and higher interest rates. it is expected that opec+ will approve a policy rollover at their virtual meeting on sunday. director of us intelligence avril haines said there has been no evidence of fading resistance on the part of ukrainian forces.

By Evey Lovelace

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