“Show Off Your PFP in Style: TIMEX and Bored Ape Yacht Club Unveil One-of-a-Kind Watches with NFTs”

Collaboration between timex and the bored ape yacht club community has recently been announced, allowing owners of bored ape yacht club nfts to show off their pfps on their wrist in a one-of-a-kind timex watch. the sale of timepiece forge pass nfts began today, with the option to customize the watch with a choice of case, strap, and selected etchings. the collaboration was spearheaded by shari fabiani, timex group’s senior vice president of global marketing and creative services, and included input from longtime members of the ape community, such as josh ong and cryptovondoom.

Presale of the watches took place at an invite-only party for the ape community that ran alongside art basel in miami on friday. all seeing seneca—the pseudonymous lead artist behind the bored ape yacht club—also made moves at the art fair, where the watchmaker hosted an event. three of seneca’s animated artworks minted as nfts were sold through auction house phillips, in addition to her first physical piece of artwork.

Physical watches are not expected to be shipped to purchasers until sometime in the second quarter of 2023, however, the event represented the continued emergence of brand-name nfts as a force in the world of art and fashion. the collaboration was created as a way for timex to enter web3 by keeping creativity and community at the forefront, following their release of a branded challenge in the game fortnite just last month.


By Evey Lovelace

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