“Over 2,500 Endangered Caspian Seals Found Dead, Causes of Death to be Investigated”

Than 2,500 seals have been found dead on the caspian sea coast in southern russia. zaur gapizov, head of the caspian environmental protection center, said that there is no sign that they died violent deaths. samples have been collected from the seals to determine the cause of death.

Seals probably died about two weeks ago and were found mainly between the mouths of two rivers, the sulak and the shurinka. the dagestan region’s ministry of natural resources and environment wrote on telegram that a large number had been found in this area.

Seal population of the caspian sea has dwindled drastically over the decades due to over-hunting and industrial pollution. the caspian environmental protection center estimates that there are now only 70,000 seals in the caspian sea. there is no evidence that the seals were killed or caught in fishing nets. the results of the lab tests will provide more information about why the seals died.


By Evey Lovelace

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